Celeb Style File

Take some sartorial inspiration from the best dressed celebrities…

2AC6374D00000578-3171432-image-a-23_1437643276882Nina Dobrev Via DailyMail 

331800a399e8a24095008e2e44542498Poppy Delevingne Via Who What Wear 

d3ee989f55e095d456ebfd942d1fd162Jessica Alba Via Harper’s Bazaar UK

3d7465e5f243a1315ff07921d2f6173bShay Mitchell Via Amore and Vita

ad5b772e937f9865e61b787e9504d403Maria Menounos Via Buzzfeed

d2b9378f6ac6877dc41a6f2848ce8fcdTaylor Swift Via Lucky Shops

2AC2C87200000578-3171363-Model_figure_Gigi_showed_off_her_taut_tum_in_a_white_T_shirt_tie-m-44_1437603581484Gigi Hadid Via DailyMail 


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