Makeup Inspiration: Summer Beauty Looks

If you’re after some makeup inspiration, take a look at these 16 incredible looks for summer makeup.

a5e1d302bd73a06ac6ae841cf2334925Sun kissed skin, mascara and bright pink lips.

29920127f9ac28951126691a28544fd1Colored eye liner, gorgeous bronze skin and muted pink gloss.

1cd4a0b51904ee47d46b4dc68b7d28e5Bright coral lips and golden skin.

448c7e871452b34d0ea0922f7467dad0Purple rimmed eyes, tons of mascara and bright pink lips.

25-BronzeDewy sunkissed skin, glossy coral lips and bronze eye shadow.

7d29cd0ebadb10514aab68ece6fb6bd6Aqua blue eyeliner and pink lips.Peachy coral lips and flawless sunkissed skin.

62e5127ba229bc5578287c33595dfeb9Bold pink lips.

2605f7c525c06fa380f2e818cb35a679Flawless sunkissed complexion, peachy pink lips.

76dbd09c384867e0b3059513e792eaf1Black and colored liner teamed with nude lips.

12c9167750589d7deb8fcf6c48cece9eKohl rimmed eyes and glossy pink lips with gorgeous bronzed complexion.

b0deabfcf782251c4bd42061cd211aceDewy skin and muted pink lips.10-BlueBronzed complexion, emerald green eyes and pink lips.

useSoft, dewy, luminous skin; bronzed cheeks and matte pink lips.

lucy-hale-attends-the-children-mending-hearts-7th-annual-empathy-rocks-fundraiser-in-malibu_1Glossy peach lips and mascara coated lashes.

ec7391fac58a923efaf7419d34626473Sunkissed skin, pink lip stain and a coating of mascara on the eyes.

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